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1 January1813
exact date of 01 of January 1813
day of the month 01 January 1813
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1813
month of Januarydecade of the 1810s.
1800s century

To: Eleaner A Porter
Care of Dudley Porter Junior Esquire, Haverhill Massachusetts.

From: Edwin Bartlett American
Lisbon, Portugal.


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Lisbon January st

Dear Eleaner

Since my last of the rd July I have been deprived the pleasure of hearing from you and having been in the expectation of receiving a letter have hitherto neglected writing

You will doubtless as this arrives have heard of the late brilliant victories of the Russians over the French in the north therefore it will be needless here to be particular Bonapartes intention three or four months since was evidently to winter in Moscow if he could get there but upon his arrival there or immediately after he found his calculations frustrated probably from the circumstance of it being "burnt" and began to think of some other winter quarters and accordingly commenced his late dreadful retreat and from that period may be dated the fortune of Russians as since that time his loss has been over fifty thousand men including an uncommonly large proportion of cavalry his troops are now worn out and very short of provisions Hundreds are dying daily due to the excessive cold and long marches His horses having little forage and that miserable arebeing unable to continue in the lines either left to perish or

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into the hands of the Enemy The Russians have made about prisoners including Marshal Ney whose army is entirely destroyed It is at present quite uncertain where Bonaparte is or intends to remain this winter The climate of Russia does not agree at this season of the year with his men or horses

The armies of Spain are in winter quarters though from appearances here a Battle may soon be expected as Lord Wellington has ordered all the artillery from Lisbon Harbor for the Army Madrid is alternately in the hands of the French and Spaniards Sir EPaget an able English General has been taken by a party of French cavalry Lord Wellington was in the th ult in London and is expected here daily

During the month of December upwards of American vessels arrived here with Flour and Grain and there are in Port about American Vessels of which nearly two thirds have their cargoes at present on board Consequently provisions are plenty and prices moderate "Flour" is only per BLL barrel Lbs pound Corn per bushel """

The new Parliament have just sat in England The members generally appear to express the wish that our differences may shortly be

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The Prince Regent in his Speech at the opening of the Parliament says that it is his wish a speedy peace may be agreed on but adds that if the US do not choose to accept of terms already offered trusts his ministers will do all in their powers to carry on a vigorous war The Victories with which our little navy has been favored sticks in the crops of some of the English naval "bragadocious" and those who are able to swallow it find a bitter morsel or in other words find Hulls Decature "pills" rather "griping"

I will occasionally do myself the pleasure of writing you in the mean time hoping that our beloved country may soon be restored to prosperity and peace I subscribe myself
Your Sincere Friend
Edwin Bartlett

PS Have the goodness to tender my best respects to your Honorable Father and his family " " may all who take the trouble to enquire of me

Yours truly

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