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12 June1863
exact date of 12 of June 1863
day of the month 12 June 1863
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1863
month of Junedecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Miss Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: John L. Knapp 9th Indiana Company
General Hospital #3, Nashville, Tenn e.


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General Hospital no
Nashville Tenn June th

Dear Friend

May I say I read your most welcomed letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from you and the rest of the family as I always and it is a great enjoyment for a soldier to get a letter from his friends I do not get half as many as I wish and I am much obliged to you for yours and hope that you will be more punctual in future in writing to me I am in very good health at present That is a blessing that many poor soldiers do not enjoy I see a great deal of suffering here every day You spoke of administering I am not a nurse but have been though the hospital probably a

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times a day administering kinds of orders where ever I am acting as orderly for Dr Harlow the surgeon in charge of this hospital He is a very pleasant man He is the doctor that Mr Halsey took lectures under at Philadelphia Tell your ma as she is aquainted with the Halsey family at Mast Tower Orange coThe business that I am at keeps me busy Most of the time it is carrying official papers though all parts of the city and though the hospital from one Dr to another I like it very much as it is all that I can do My hand is weak and trembles a good deal yet I am afraid it will never be as strong as the other The finger that is left is quite stiff yet I

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stretch it out straight as the chag that runs through the palm of the hand is contracted so that I am afraid that it will always trouble me But I am thankful that it is not worse than it is I dont know if I will get to see you this summer as I thought As the Dr has got me detailed here and will not let me go Maybe I can get away in the fall If I do you may look me down and see you There is nothing going on here of importance A little fighting at Mufreesboro and hanging of spies most every week There was a rebel General Williams caught and hung at Franklin a few days ago and his aide also caught one day and hung the next Served him right Old Rosey is the man as we call him He has never been whipped and he dont intend to be The weather here is very warm now but still is pleasant Business is pleasant as it alway is where uncle Sam has anything to do with it

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Well Mary I have not heard from Sarah or the rest of the folks for a very long time I want you to write to her and give her a good lecturing from yourself and me If your father and mother visits Indiana this summer or fall you must get them to take them along with them Like you will find some young Horsier there that will not let you return to Tompkins I know that you will enjoy a visit there It is such a beautiful country At least it seems so to me and it cant be beat where uncle John lives Sarah is teaching in the same district that she taught the summer I left for the war Tell your ma that John Clauson is dead he died the th of June at Ridgeville Tenn miles from Mufreesboro He belonged to my regiment th Indiana He was in the regiment only about a month before he died It was of some fever and "" has deserted you must excuse this writing I will say as better next time My hand trouble me a great deal about writing yet Give my respect to your grandfather Kinzey and Grandmother your father and mother and Henry Kinzey I suppose he has almost forgot me Write soon and after tell your father to write

Yours Truly

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