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10 December1863
exact date of 10 of December 1863
day of the month 10 December 1863
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1863
month of Decemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: J.L.Knapp 9th Indiana Company
General Hospital #3, Nashville, Tennessee.


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Hospital No
Nashville Tenn Dec th

Dear Friend Mary
your welcomed letter on the th was truly glad to hear from you as I always am I am in a reasonable degree of health wich which I consider quite a blessing the weather is raining at present which makes it very disagreeable getting around but we must expect such eather at this season of the year there is nothing transpiring of importance since I last wrote you except that we have had another battle and won a great victory over Bragg all "" grant and his soldiers he is giving this rebellion its last