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20 May1864
exact date of 20 of May 1864
day of the month 20 May 1864
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1864
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Miss Mary L. Merrick
Ithaca, Tompskin, New York.

From: John L. Knapp 9th Indiana Company
General Hospital No.1, Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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Hospital No
Chattango Tennessee
May th

Friend Mary

Yours of May th came to hand it found me enjoying reasonable health a good Blessing" The weather is beautiful here now Everything seems to be prospering even as the front our army is still advancing although the Rebs have nearly every hill fortified from Buzzards Roost to where thy are now witch is some miles beyond Dalton Georgia we have received since the fighting comenced Some hundred

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a great many with amputated limbs Some four hundred General Grant seems to be whipping Lee but these sacrifices of life but I suppose there is no other way of doing it but to advance on his ground" there is some of the boys here I inquired after your cousin I saw one man that knew him he said he was all right when he left one week ago" Well I hope this summer will close the war there will not be many men left especially young men they are killing and them now But we must take as it comes good or bad The wounded are well cared for here and

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soon as able sent north to & So NY Well Mary the description you gave me of that young lady I like very well I think I shall have to make her acquaintance when I visit you Mr JD is here with me now He is enjoying good health at present sends his best regards it seems like old time to have him with me With a little over two months and a half to serve yet and then we go home together I read a letter from your Men a few days ago She was well and enjoying herself very well thought she would stay until I came home If she does you may

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for me & come with her I want to do some late visiting next fall if I live I think I can enjoy it after being deprived of it these years
Give my kindest regards to Mary S and say to her that she is in debt to me a letter I have not heard from since last winter I shall be very happy to hear from her again I will now close hoping to hear from you soon again for I am always glad to hear from you

As ever your
True friend

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