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6 May1918
exact date of 06 of May 1918
day of the month 06 May 1918
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1918
month of Maydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Miss Anna Poschel
1108 11th Street, Greeley, Colorado.

From: Howard Courtois Medical Department 337th Infrantry
Camp Custer, Michigan.


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Camp Custer
May th

My Dear Anna
Received your dear letter today and certainly glad to get it as you know Dearest how they affect me

Just got back from taking the entrance exams for the next training camp and they were certainly hard Dont hardly think I made it but will know in about a week now Hope I did as it will mean a whole lot to us dearest

Was out at Yogas Lake yesterday afternoon and was boat riding all day was wishing

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you were with me dearest for I know how much you love the water and it is quiet pretty around there and I know you like that cant help but think of my little Cinderella when Im in places like that for I know how she enjoys them and for that reason it makes me enjoy them too

Dearest guess I am having a pretty good day but we have to take advantage of it while we can for you can never tell when they will put a stop to it around here Everything is so uncertain and then a person would die hanging around camp all the time especially in the nice weather

You are going to be in China earlier this year that sounds good to me for I didnt think

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would be there until the last of August but all the better dearest will see my little girl sooner and oftener than I expected I would

Your time in Greeley is certainly short now dearest and just think in that time if I am lucky enough if I get the appointment I will be working my head off and with thoughts of my little girl Ill be able to do a whole lot more for it will be you dearest as well as myself

I wish I was in a camp that granted furloughs for you know the longest pass we can get is a weekend One can be absent from a drill for more than hours at one time They mean business here I guess and one thing Bill better not be in "Chi" when I there for I fear that he would have a hard time seeing you

Guess I am a little selfish dear but cant help it for I have to have you for myself when I am there of course when I am not I don have much to say about it

Dearest will close with love and kisses

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