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18 May1918
exact date of 18 of May 1918
day of the month 18 May 1918
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1918
month of Maydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Miss Alice W. Jones
Estherville, Iowa.

From: Churtis
Madison, Wisconsin.


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Madison Wisconsin

Dear Alice
I recieved your letter last night and was very glad to get it You are the only one I have recieved a letter from last week

I really have no news but will do the best that I can It is the same thing over and over everyday We are getting a little drill each day again now About hours every day the rest of the day we lay around and sun ourselves I done a big washing this morning and what do you
love husband

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suppose I got it all out and dry without a single mishap Oh I am getting pretty good on the wash board But then I may forgot how by the time I get out of the army Dont you think so Ha Ha

A fellow got my grade for me today out from school and I was sure pleased with it I have an average of for all the work since I came here You see we just finished the one divison of our work on Saturday as we were quarintened on Monday morning This same fellow told me

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he had been talking to one of the instructors today and he told him that we would all leave here between June nd and June th and that we would not have to make up what we have missed

I received the county papers this noon and also the Esterville High school paper and was certainly glad to get it I had reading for all afternoon and then I have one paper to read yet Mary had written a letter around the edge of the paper and explained why she had

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not written She had been so busy graduating Did you get three last pictures I sent of Harry or did I forget them again I guess Wayne will stick up for me alright He sure was friendly with me and he sure like to play with me Tell him hello for me Well it will soon be time for you to go home I bet you will be glad You want to send me your address before you move Well it is about time for gargle drill and then to bed so will close as news is awful scarce around here

With lots of love from Churtis

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