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15 July1918
exact date of 15 of July 1918
day of the month 15 July 1918
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1918
month of Julydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. J.E. Reg
Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

From: L.W Kelly, 329th F.A
Camp Custer Michigan.


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Battery D th FA
Camp Custer Michigan July th


We will need the crops and you will have plenty of rain for the kale I wondered much what you did the th of July Last year we sure had a great trip out to the lake and I often think of it I still see the ground view over the quiet lake for Whites porch and I wonder if you didnt go out there to see it again

Last week I sure had a time of it To begin with I was one of kitchen police Our duties were to wash dishes for pots and ice boxes etc wash off tables scrub the floor every day peel potatoes for and dish things out at meals The first day went fine The next morning I was sick but laboured through the day The next day I was sick in quarters On the th of July I went back into the kitchen and laboured all day being very weak At night a guy told me they were choosing candidates for an officers training school and I went to see the major with a squeaking voice and didnt find him The next day I found him took an examination but was too late

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late for the school However the major expressed some very friendly feelings and gave me more hopes than I have had for many days He told me to see my captain and I did and they are giving me all sorts of jobs which are great One fellow told me that they were making me a corporal but I dont know whether it is true In the meantime much talk floats about going across No telling when we will start but perhaps very soon We get new indications of preparations every day You know how slow but sure are the of the army We shall perhaps stop at NY two or three weeks but there is no sure about anything didnt wait three weeks whereas many do I seem to have no fear at all about for the US surely guards carefully those shiploads of troops for they are worth a file surely as soldiers

In the meantime the Kaiser doesnt seem to be doing very much but losing If he doesnt do some big things during the next three months he can figure that all the hot stuff comes from this way henceforth The US troops seem to be doing great things

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Has Effie arrived yet I am to write to her before long but am very busy just at the present It must seem rather strange with a lot of the young fellows gone but the Anderson girl wrote saying that there was always a mob at the dances still

Wednesday morning Great preparations for overseas are going on and it looks that we would be on the road within a week Our can tell in the army but some are going on and everyone makes preparations The camp is quarantined Everyone is feeling gay You will find a suitcase and other articles coming home soon Dispose of that in any way you please Above all dont worry for all things will go well Dont fret about letters or anything else

Friday It seems that I will never finish this letter You had better stow the suitcase away in some safe place and use them only where you want them The shoes are shoes and I wore them only a few times If polished they will be great for or The baseball is the best I found it Be sure to stow my muffler and ivory paper cutter safely somewhere for they are presents from my girl What is done with the rest of the stuff doesnt matter your poop didl

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much that all this stuff is yours to do with as you please only I may want some of it when the war is over Things are going fine this week I am being made corporal and am doing some urgent jobs What is more the major is my friend and I believe the way is open to climb If I had understood the army I could have climbed from the beginning The major told me that he would see that I got into an officers training school if I did well and I will do well if it takes a leg If this happens I may be in the US again and then will sure get home for awhile Shall close here hoping to write again before leaving for Europe We shall probably leave Tuesday The camp is going all the time by trainloads night and day Everybody seems to be happy and excited We will drill in Europe a considerable time and shall probably stop at the coast a few weeks Remember me to everyone

Your loving Bro

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