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17 January1919
exact date of 17 of January 1919
day of the month 17 January 1919
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1919
month of Januarydecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Mrs. J.S. Allen
Warehouse Point, Connecticut..

From: PVT. H.W. Allen
Camp Sheridan, Albama.


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Camp Sheridan

My Dear Mother

I received one letter Sunday morning and your other letter tonight I should have written Monday but I was bugler of the guard Monday night so I did not get a chance until now

It is good to hear about the socials and good times you are having at home Of course they have good times in Montgomery but it is hard to satisfy a fellow in this mans army Some of the fellows have colds and I have a slight one but it is nothing serious so dont worry about it The weather has certainly been fine the last few days but I dont know how long it is it is swollen like a grapefruit

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will last The fellows who are married as who have someone dependent on them are to get a chance to get discharged They have to have affidavits from two disinterested parties besides one from the dependents We did not need any affidavit to get in but we have sure got to produce them in order to get out I dont believe we will be here long for they have let some of the officers go They may not let but of the regiment go and then let the rest go later I would like to be with you at the state grange for I know what it is as I was at Holgrs Sunday morning so I did not get to church but I went to Mrs Smiths in the afternoon We went to her fathers place and took pictures of his rabbits and the children When we got back we toasted bread over the fireplace for lunch In the evening two of Ray Allens friends from Wright field came out and we had a nice evening I left for camp about oclock Next Sunday I will get to church for Corporal Berry will be on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning then I go on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning That is the way we work it I will get to send hoodfarway decent if to bup it up I like it in the morning when we have more to do Generally there is not much to do in the afternoon unless they send in something from Div Holgrs It was over at message center and we meet the fellow who is there I love You sooooooooooooooo much

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We had quite a chat He is from the Field Signal Battalion and used to be at one of the other stations but is a message I enter while the other operator is on furlough If I get this work down good enough and then worked on a wireless on a while I would be ready for a good job Which would be the thing I would take up if I did not take the farm Pa seems to be getting the idea that I wont want to work the farm He wants to get that idea out of his head for a while at least for you might say that that is all I know how to do If the Government allows it I will put up a wireless outfit then if I make good I might try for a job in the Merchant Marines I have not written Pa for quite a while and I am going to tomorrow Hoping everyone is well

With much Love
Your loving son Haydon

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