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2 January1857
exact date of 02 of January 1857
day of the month 02 January 1857
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1857
month of Januarydecade of the 1850s.
1800s century

To: Cousin

From: John E___
Crossansville Ohio.


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Crossansville Ohio Jan the th

Dear Cousin

I have just come from school and have sit down to write to you but I feel very sleepy for I was at Mr J Henidegs at a party yesterday and didnt get home until oclock in the night there was couple there and when they started home they went all of a sudden and P Sott hadnt time to get over coat until Sam He had started and so he had to come back this way and worst of all somebody mashed Cate Sterners blue bonnet and then it was hurray for the bonnets of blue Rachel was married last Christmas to Jim We have a very good school Miss here this winter she is boarding at our house C Sott goes to school to here and takes a lesson from her in daytime and another at night He says that he has learned more from her in one month that he did from the rest of the teachers in mo The sermon was preached last sabbath by Mr Martindale from Logan of Polants church and it was named Harveys Chapel the meeting is still continuing a protracted meeting will commence at Crosansville tomorrow a week They will not be dedicated until next spring There is singing school at our school house tomorrow night and Mr Andre A Jackson Miller is the teacher it is getting late for I was botherg by the miss so that I didnt write very fast we are all well no more but remain yours please write soon Good night John

John to James

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