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13 February1861
exact date of 13 of February 1861
day of the month 13 February 1861
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1861
month of Februarydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work
Middlebury, Elkhart County, Indiana.

From: Mary Work
Bremen, Freefield County, Ohio.


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Wednesday February the th

Dear Isaac

I take the present opportunity to let you know that we are all well this morning and I hope this will be read by you enjoying good healthYour friends are all well I think that you got home very quick after you left us I received your letters of the th of Feb and also others of the st of Feb and of also Marthas of January the th they was all three brough from the office yesterday and you better think that we were glad for we thought the time very long till we would here from you for we do miss you very much I told our folks last week that it just seemed to me that we had worried one of our family for every thing seemed to be sad and melencholy I think so much about you all that I dream about you almost ever night and when I dream Lester and Martha are mostly always moveing

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Well Isaac you wanted to know how long Billy Esley that morning that you left well they let him sleep still breakfast was ready and then called him up they ate their breakfast by candle light I did not eat any that morning I went to bed but not to sleep for I was not sleepy I must tell you any more such nonsense for it will be you pationers to read it and you will all laugh at me for being such a fool but I cannot help it I save you said I must tell you all the news well perhaps it will not be interesting to you but I will by and I hardly know how he begin to tell you anything that you do not know for I have not got any news fathered you I have not made but one visit you left and that was to they was all well Aunt Hannah was to see us yesterday at least lily was to see us over since you

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the weather is very pleasant here this week there was no snow on the grass James and David Bright is chopping fire wood in the woods today and Williams was cleaning the shot you but not to go to war and Mill is seeing and Mrs Andrew Stewart came up to our house this morning and jer and Jane went to visit with Mrs Black today but I told them that it was Robert that they wanted to go to see and like is getting th dinner adn writing a letter to Martha and William Black and William is b today and if you will come in today we will you and help them us will go over to the and get they to go along Rachel E has not come home yet this got a letter from her last Saturday week and she was well I would liek to have been along you and whe you want to see folks dont I spent She gave you and insterspilash to

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I have had the tooth ache the bestfirst kind for the last Friday I have not got that new tooth quite in yet and I guess that is the reason that I have such pain in my face Isaac you did not tell us any thing about your journey home I would like to know us you did not stop at Station that you said you would and tell as what it cost you to got home I must tell you which I think Martha Work done when she sent her letter she backed it this way Mary Work


instead Mary E Work and cousins Mary Work got it and it and of course she read it tell her and the rest of the folks and thats how to back my letters if they right me any well


Farewell Isaac L Work Mary E

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