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14 April1861
exact date of 14 of April 1861
day of the month 14 April 1861
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1861
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work
Hillsdale, Michigan..

From: David Stemen
Perry County, Ohio.


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April the AD Perry Co Ohio

Dear Sir

I have seated myself to try and write a few lines to you to let you know that I am well at this time hoping that these few lines may find you in the same blessing

I dont know every thing very important to write to you this time if I could see you and talk with you I would have a great deal of news to tell you but that cant bee for this time so I will try and do the best I can by writing work I will in form you that Miss Elizabeth Bowling is a going to commence teaching school at our schoolhouse to marrow She is a going to teach that school this summer I suppose you wish you was here to go over sometimes to see how she was getting along Miss Lucy is getting along very well wee have had plenty of singings and big meetings this wither since you left this Country I wish you had been here to go along with me to some of them I wee could had lots of fun I enjoyed my self very well but not quite as well I think as if you had been here I was at a picknick at our school house the last day of school wee had quite a time wee plaid wring got plenty of cisses you mg know I was in for some of them then that night we had asinging the boys went home with the girls like forty I have been at one wedding this winter wee had a big time wee had about thirteen miles to go to the wedding wee all went a horseback wee had plenty to eat and plenty to drink every thing went of write

I want you to look over all mistakes and ignoring writing you find on this letter if you pleas for I am an uneducated man which you

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Increasing access to kndgleowe is always a worthwhile Keep up the good work Real data is worth its weight in gold I often get acussed of being antiscience because of my position on AGW and some of the antichemical garbage that hurts because I have been extremely proscience my whole life It pains me to see science perverted by the activists and it also hurts to see the science community close ranks around climate scientists instead of demanding they act like proper scientists My position is not a war on science it is the defense of the nonpolitical science I grew up with and love The science that was all about the truth and not worried about spin and perception It is good to see stuff like this which rises above politics and returns to the idea that data is precious and not to be adjusted or changed without multiple levels of diligence and even then very sparingly

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