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22 April1861
exact date of 22 of April 1861
day of the month 22 April 1861
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1861
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mary E. Work
Bremen, Freefield County, Ohio.

From: Isaac Work,
Hillsdale, Michigan.


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Isaac do you know this sheet of paper

Monday April the

Dear Isaac
I received the long looked for letter on Saturday last and was very glad to hear from you and I received on from your Brother Aaron the same day your folks was all great when he wrote it was written the th of April and as I am at leisure this afternoon I thought it was a good chance to answer your kind letter and let you know that we are all well and I hope this may be read by you enjoying the same blessing I spoke of having leisure but I can stop any time to write to A good kind hearted friend such as you and I can stop to read one at any time Albaryam has been very sick this spring the Dr called her complaint Pneumonia it is something like the Lung fever she is pretty well now I have been down to see the sun valley folks twice since you left this place I was down once in the month of February and then I was down last friday and that was the first time that I have been to see them since Rachel came home and what do you think her and rene was both away Isaac between you and I let me tell you that I think that one family leaves home just as often in one week as three families should indeed Isaac they are every whare present they used to go enough but they go more now notwithstanding it is none of my business where they go but

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wanted me to tell you all the news but that will be impossible my dear friend but I shall endeavor to tell you some of it Butterflied unlisted and went as a soldier to fight against the sought and Elmer unlisted and went O what wickedness ad sinfulness this world is in at the present time We hear nothing but the cry of war wherever we go for the last two weeks the weather here for the last few days has been very pleasant and warm and every thing looks green and growing and it is very pleasant to look around and see every thing so beautiful and then think of this dreadful war it spoils all pleasure The Republicans have only had the government in their power but a few weeks and here in this country cannot speak his opinion unless it be in favor of the Republicans or he is threatened with death it is pretty hard talk what will some of own friends think now
well Isaac you wanted to know if I thought any thing about Indiana since the days have began to get warm and as you are all alone I presume I may tell you what I and you can feed it to the fire after you read it and then will be no one to laugh at it but yourself well about two weeks ago I took a walk across one of the fields and as I walked along I espied a pretty little white flower in my path and I stooped down and took it from the stalk on which it grew and the moment I touched it the tears began to drop from my eyes O I thought of the pretty wild flowers that I seen last spring and

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and I thought not only of those pretty flowers but I thought also of the kind friends who gathered them for me O Isaac I often think of you all and I often indulge myself in thinking of you alone I think how kind you have been to me and how kind you have talked to me and then again that is another thought steals into my mind and as a friend I must tell you what that one is too I often think of the thorn that was planted in the pleasant path on the first way of this year and it was not only planted but it has grown pretty well but dear friend I hope and pray with all my heart that this thorn may be blasted very roots and some favorite flower placed in its stead ad I know that you was not any more angery at that question that was asked you when you went home
then I have been two or three times at some questions that have been asked me and at some things that have been told to me O it goes like a dagger to my heart and the very thought makes me sick Isaac your not aware of every thing but I presume you will understand this understand this letter you said you had got but two letters since you went to Hillsdale I suppose that you have got more than that since you went from here far I still hear of your cousins getting letter from you and I suppose they answer them I heard of you writing to your cousin Bolems before you went away to school I think and I presume they answered your letter I never heard much you wrote to them all that I hope is that you will not waste time ink and paper writing to them any more and then the thorn will be blasted

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the letter that you sent to Cousin Mary Work was brought to me and I sent it back for I knew that it was not for me by the little on the back of it and they kept it at the office aswell and sent it back to me and I kept it then until I had the opportunity of sending it to her I did not open it as they did one of mine and I did not thank them for it Now Isaac I am going to tell you something and I am ashamed to tell you but perhaps it will be best to tell you it surprised me very much when I heard it it is this Cousin Mary Work and Cousin M Work neither one of them can write me word nor of writing I Hardly believed when I heard it but it is Margaret can write but I guess it is badly spell now friend you see it is not always the best looking folks that knows the most well I believe that I shall stop writing for this time and if we ever be permitted to meet in this world again I hope it will be in good friendship and if not in this another and better world please answer this soon as convenient if think it worthy of answer and if you are not too angery at me for talking so plain to you my dear friend it is all for your own good not for mine and let me tell you this I had began to think you was not going to write me anymore letters I though you had forgotten me I thought you had found such kind rich cousins to write to that I need not expect a letter from you enough such talk well

Mary E Work

Mary E Work Isaac

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