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7 May1861
exact date of 07 of May 1861
day of the month 07 May 1861
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1861
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work
Hillsdale, Michigan.

From: Mary E Work
Bremen, Freefield County, Ohio.


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Tuesday May th

Dear Isaac

Your kind letter of the th of April was brought to me this day and I was very glad to hear from a friend and just thought that I would sit down and try to write answer to it and let you know that we are all well You said that you felt bad about some of your friends taking part in the war I will tell you something more One week ago last Saturday the folks met in Bremen to gather in soldiers and William McCullough was there and said something that did not please everybody So some folks said he should be egged so they egged him and hit him I said that it was no way to treat an old man

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I received a letter from Samual A Work It was written on the th April I have reove quite a number of letters and I have also written a great many Well I said that you wanted me to tell you about those questions that have been asked me My dear friend they are questions that I never had the least idea of having to answer When you and I left Indianna and I answered this Well in the frst Mary Work asked me if you went ot see Liz Boland I told her you did and that I had a better opinion of you than that and she said she had too She siad she heard you did go but she did not believe it when she heard it in the second place Julia Lotte told me that Lix Boland had got <