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23 October1861
exact date of 23 of October 1861
day of the month 23 October 1861
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1861
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Issac Work (Sir)

From: Mary Work
Bremen, Freefield County, Ohio.


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October rd

Dear Isaac

I have took my seat at this table this evening to answr the kind letters that you sent me a long time ago Now Isaac I do really feel ashamed that I have not answerd your letters before this time We are all well at this time and I hope this may be read by you enjoying good health There has been sickness and death amount the friends this fall The Friday Cousin Robert Work was burried He had the consumption William Boland buried one of his sons He died of sore throatm the dytherea has been very prevalent this summer and fall Some partent have burried alll thier children Little James Evans got his arm broken some weeks ago It is well now I believe He was thrown from a horst and had it broken

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Now I must tell you what hs happened to Robert Black A few days ago he went to the fair in Lancaster and he took our fames in with him They went in the buggy and I do not know that he took anythign in to fair fbut as how he came home with a pervious I cannot tell what you will call it First second as third but I presume we will call it the secon for it was nothing more than My ALexabder He was married at to her that day in Lancaster Her mother is very angry about it and all her brothers and sisters are angry also for the way she has acted and I do not blame them for being angry They never thought or knew that there was anything between them until they heard they were married Now Isaac I must go to bed and finish this tomorrow night so good night