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10 November1861
exact date of 10 of November 1861
day of the month 10 November 1861
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1861
month of Novemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: J.L Work

From: Will Eurid


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Novermber the th

Dear cousin
I take this opportunity of informing you that I have recieved your letter and was very mutch much pleased to think you had not intirely forgotten me but as you had not answered my letter I thought you had but I will excuse you for not writting sooner if you will write sooner next time The folks here are all well at present and they are all here with the exception of one or too Martha went to Columbus last week and we have not heard from her yet but expect to soon There has none of our boys gone to war but Samuel Funk He is in the th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteers in Company B He wrote a letter home last week and says he likes it very well He was in the Battle of Camp Wildeast He said that he had three rounds at the rebels Uncle Isaac went down to Washington last

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spring and was appointed baggage master on the CW&I R road and was doing pretty well about one month ago when he got excited about the war and he thought he could make it pay by getting up a company So he got off a few days to try to raise a compnay and got a man in his place and before he was aware of what was going on this man he got to run in his place went down to Washington and was appointed in uncles place and he has been trying ever since and has only got five men to volunteer He is sick of trying to get up a company and is going to camp with five men He will go in to a Captain Farmers company at Z Lanesville I guess uncle wishes old Abe and all the rest of the Black Replublicans was in hell At least I think he should after being a tool for them as long as he has His office was worth

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about eight hundred a year now it is more than likely he will go into camp as a private soldier This is all I can tell you about the volunteers I must ell you some things about the young folks here There has been twoo weddings here last fall Miss Julia Lott was married to Master Adcock also Miss Maggie Alexander to Robert Black and there is a few more to come off Samuel Alexander is to be married next Thursday John Lacey and Samuel R Larimer will be marrried soon from all appears Charles Lott and Anna Gillen will enter into serious bonds of padlock before long if it dont thender Danile Abetty goes up to old Bills with came none you was the to know who went with who and will tell you no one the road was went a few times but got the sack or the

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but remain your affeectonate cousin

W Eurid to JL Work

David Stemen is going to School this winter to Sheigar Hill and is going pretty welll he dont pay very much attention to the girls George Haggerty is not married yet nor I am afraid never will be I think he is cut out for an old batch bachelor Edson Larimer is at home this fall and is out teaching the Beech Hill School his dear Isabella has been sick all fall but is getting better now I believe I have told you all the particulars as for myself I have been very highly complimented by several of the young ladies Miss Wright Miss Church Miss Brisben Miss Elder I really dont know which of these young ladies compliments to appreciate they are all very respectible ladies and tolerable good looking we are going to have a wood chopping the week before Christmas

I wish you could be here to enjoy it No more at present

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