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17 December1861
exact date of 17 of December 1861
day of the month 17 December 1861
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1861
month of Decemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Isaac Work

From: Mary Work


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December the th
Dear friends in Indiana
I thought that as this is such a
beautiful morn and our folks most
of them are from home William is over
to Ibbry Sandersons making a sleigh
for little Elick and one for himself and
I think that some of the ladies will
get a sleigh or car ride when they are done
And James went to help Lotts folks to
butcher and I cant tell you yet whether
all that is at home will stay to home all
day or no Cousin Naitesant Work has just arove She
is going to visit with us for awhile She is a
good girl now Isaac I will return the
compliment If any of you want to see
me jumping the broomstick you must
be here by Christmas Day but you
said that your folks was to take dinner in the
Oak Grove Now I think that you will
have a cool time of it if it is in John
Eldridges Grubs You see that I am ignorant
of the whereabouts your dinner is to be for
that is all the Grove that I know of
And I am sorry that Aaron got his sleigh
broken Thank fortune I never hurt his
sleigh but I suppose that there was
such a load of pride and fat in it that
it had to have bent in some way or other
It is I that is talking never mind it
And I know that you like to crack jokes
and I intend to give you some if you will
take them and if you are like robert
you use to was I am not afraid to say on
for all jokes you know are free when folks

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going to get married
O Isaac I want you to tell Hester
that if she is agreed I will meet her
on New Years Day at Amsterdam and eat
dinner with her Tell her to bring some
cucumber pickles and potatoes with her and
I will take the chickens with me and
we will have a good time if it is as
nice a day as it was the last time
that we was thare and she knows how
nice it was then and tell her not to
laugh when you tell her but for her
just to think of me
Well now I have eaten my dinner
and I have set down to try to write
a few words more that is if I can for
Jane and Milly and Libe They are in
the same room with me sewing and
they talk and laugh so much that it
is a hard matter to write There is to
be a singing this evening in the Beech Hill
school house It is geography singing and
I would like very much to go to it
but I am afraid that I cannot get
those girls to go with me but
and if they dont choose to go they can
stay to home now If you was here would
you not go along with your aunt
yes Well I want you to ask
John if he can tell me now what is
the County Seat of Indiana and what has
become of the man that killed himself
drinking bad whiskey I think that
he has went to the academy long enough
to answer my questions now if he

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I received all the letters that
you sent me while you was to
Hillsdale and I also received the
reporte I do not know which one of
you sent it but I thank the one
that did send it and if he was
here I would pay him for it like
the lady wanted to pay him the
time that you all loaded up on the
last day of school and went to
the sugar camp to eat warm maple
sugar if he would let me
Well Isaac you said that
if any of us wants to see you
jumping the broomstick that
we should come out soon or we would
miss the site Now my son please let
me give you a little advice and you
must not get spunky jokes are free
at this time you know well when
you jump the broomstick be careful
that you dont have the sad misfortune
that the young man met with
at old Moses Madicks when he
was playing ring and fell
down and you saw that a hint
to the wise is enough and so it is
Now Isaac I have begun to think
that you are all the union friend
that I have in Indiana Tell
my secession friends for that is what I
will call every one of them until
they answer my letters perhaps
they think that they are not
worth answering and if so I want them
to tell me

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We had not heard that Drivers
had went out there until you
wrote and told us that they
had taken up winter quarters in
Samuels old kitchen Now I want
you to tell me in your next
letter when they went how
loose they have built their house
to Samuels and what kind of a
house they built And I want all
the rest of the news and be sure
that you keep all my appointments
in remembrance Now Isaac you
must write me and tell me every
thing before you get married for
fear that you will not have time
afterward for there is always so much
to do Cousin Milly sends her
love to you all And please
remember me to all my friends
and give me the name of your intended
bride And believe me to be your
true union friend

Mary E Work
Isaac L Work

Please write soon
Mary E

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