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23 January1862
exact date of 23 of January 1862
day of the month 23 January 1862
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1862
month of Januarydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr. Isaac J. Work
Bremer, Fairfield County, Ohio.

From: Eleanor Bowland, Mary Bowland, Libbie Bowland


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Dear Cousin

I received your letter on the and it joyfully received It is with pleasure I sit down to speak to you on paper to let you know we are well and hope these few lines will find you as they leave me

You wished to hear from all the young folks I will first tell you about Miss Lucy as you inquired more particularly about her than any other one She is here tonight She is well She is single yet but not likely to long remain so I must now commence in a new I was interrupted last night Mr John Sherlock came directly after I commenced writing and of course the kitchen was required for Miss Lucy and he to spend the evening in as he is waiting on her now It was he the young lad that sat by her side of Miss Lucy a New Years Eve in the place of Isaac Work

Isaac we have had several happy ladies since Miss Julia if that is what you call happy The school is quite lost There only six large large girls in place of sixteen Some of them have moved away and some got married First Maggie Eldon to Mr William Tremble And Miss Jane Elder to the preacher The nine nights man you know and Miss Mary C Coffman to Mr Daniel Stotts

All of the same school besides a great many others around here Isaac I tell you it made me tremble but thank fortune I am here yet just the same Ellen as when you were here Oh if I could but see you I think e could spend a few minutes very pleasantly in talking about things that happened when you were here and since Perhaps it might last hours and days

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Isaac & I spent any New Years and Christmas at home Elizabeth and I were here all a Christmas by ourselves It was so last year You and a great many other were here If you have been here we would not have had such a lonesome day I thought of you for I had the same dress on that I had on last year and the candy in the pocket that you gave me I have it yet and intend to keep it in remembrance of the giver Isaac I must now close as I have diner to get Oh how I wish you were here to eat with us Tell your father that I have not forgotten the promise I made that when I got married I will let you all know in time to come to the wedding as he said he and his girls would be on our hands But as I think there are no prospects I think they had better not defer coming until that time Give my love to all Tell Martha when you see here to let me know if she is married or not Excuse all the misspelling as you know I am no scholar that is if you can read any of it It is so poorly written If you cannot read it bring it here I will try if I do not forget it before I come So farewell dear cousin I have told you no news I will let the rest have the paper Oh yes Isaac Isabella heard of the letters before we got it and she sat up until they came home with it to hear what you would say about here in it but when here name was not in it she thought I had not read it all So good morning Isaac L Work

Yours affectionately Eleanor Bowland

Isaac I received the catalogue you sent and the first thing I did was to look for names of my cousins Isaac if I could write as you can you would hear from us more often Come and see us soon all of you Write and let me know if you could read this

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Mr Work Isaac I mean

As Eleanor is writing to you I with pleasure will say a few words too I am well and still the same my nose has got well and as straight as ever I find out so many things as ever some things a little straighter the people want me to so you may rest pretty easy I suppose you remember of hearing of me skimming my nose and sending word back that you was afraid it would be crooked Well I suppose you would like to hear something else For mothers youngest children are going to school Mr Diver is teaching he is now tried to Miss Elder since you was here Forobert and Isabel are leaving very fast

Isabel can read she has grown considerable since you was here You sent you love to the Miss Landerson I was in there gave it to them they were all well together except Marget she is very sick but the last account shes getting better John has been sick for the last three months he is running around now Mararet and E wish me to return the compliments for them Mrs Muster desires me to give you her best respects to you and LS is all right as Eleen has written not tell you but I will tell you all I know about it Miss Froschel Everitt so people say is going to get a Mr Wright from Lancaster Mr Frank is waiting on Miss Dane Haggarty Mr William Everitt is waiting for Miss Rebecca Stoltz of Frogpond the last account of Mr George Haggarty he went with Miss Mary Stotlz of Cropomire Martha Everitt is up at Columbus

Irene is at home but I cant tell you anything about her the Miss works are all well I believe I am here single yet and no prospects of it ever being any other It is getting late and I must quit and give Libbie a chance wishing you much happiness when that wedding happens You must excuse all that is wrong as I have one of the affections

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job on my arm I am afraid my patience will not be as good my hand trembles very much

I must now bid you a goodbye wishing you good eyes and lots of understanding so that you may be able to read all that I have tried to write

I will quit yours truly Miss Mary Bowland

And now another
The news is all told

I mean the ruling

I have I cant keep straight now Isabel says there is one thing not told yet that is she still keeps in her cradle Mother says tell you she is churning in order s that her daughter may write now with she kinds Father is in bed asleep Robert do Ellen has gone to Aunt Libbys without a sled role though Polly is looking over my shoulder and I am writing how you know how we all my played at present I saw I am brown last Saturday night read to him Ellen letter from you and shen said it was good but I should read you for not saying anything about Everitt and Cynithia He is still working at Uncle Kerrs Isaac we have dull times this winter compared with last

The young men have almost all gone to war we have no dances parties singings and have had but one spelling school this winter that tells the fidderence between a married and single teaches plainly enough and I dont much like the change either nothing wrong with the teaches though You wrote to me in the day Lincoln took his seat in the white house they have hand quite a time in Government affairs since then but to change the subject Ellen and Polly have both told you they were single that true and have no prospects now what a matorious fake

If you were here I would tell on them both I wonder but they will see if I write and I would catch yoke I shant tell you what her I am married As single as anything about my prospects and wont leave room for them either but mu name is Cousin

Libbie Bowland

Write soon to us LL and come and see us too



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