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1 April1862
exact date of 01 of April 1862
day of the month 01 April 1862
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1862
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: John Work
Bremer, Fairfield County, Ohio.

From: Eleanor Bowland, Molly, Elizebeth


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Sweet Home April the

Esteemed Cousins

I am seated in the room we sat in on Christmas eve when you were here we are all well except Isabella She has the measles Robert has got over them there has been some sickness round here The measles sore throat and lung fever are the diseases Last Thursday William took Jib and I up to Uncle Alexander There John and Robert have been very low with the lung fever They were on the mend the last I heard from them Jane was here yesterday that is your Aunt she said the folks were all well only Polly and she had a bad cold that was all The rest of the friends are all well I believe as far as I know I trust you may read this in good health

Isaac I received you letter and thought to read it immediately but I was interrupted I heard some one enter and who was it but Mr John Sherlock Mr John Fitz and Mr Joseph Stemen I made my way upstairs and finished reading Miss Lucy was here she had just come up a while before they came and to night I thought to answer your letter Miss Lucy came up and I asked her if John was to be here she said not but before I commenced writing he was here They have met here several times unknown to each other or at least Lucy says so now do you not think Providence favors them I do think it will be God speed John Fits is no here he has gone to war to kill white men and to free the Negroes but since he is gone let him go Now I do not want to hear of any of your Boys going to war Isaac where were you when John got home I suppose as Mary is your favorite name there was some sweet Mary kept up that night now if you are not like to tell where you were please get John to tell me where you were and with whom Oh John is so serious so much