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31 October1862
exact date of 31 of October 1862
day of the month 31 October 1862
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1862
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Malmad Pearce, Joseph Lee Anders Pearce, William A Pearce, John Pearce Thornton McClean Pearce

From: Staunton G. Pearce 91 Infrantry Care of Captain Garter's
Henderson, Kentucky.


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Henderson Kentucky

My Dear Companion and Children

I take my pen in hand this morning to let you know how I am a doing I am well at this time and I sure hope when this letter comes to hand it will find you all well

I received your letter on October the th and I was glad to hear from you But was sorry to hear that Bill Thomas was a imposing on you You tell Bill for me that I will bring a blood pill for him I have orders from the Cornel to kill such men as he is and I think I can get a Furlough When we get fixed up For all such men as him should be put out of the way and I will kill him When I cam we have made it to Henderson in Kentucky I dont know how long we will stay here The Cornel says if we stay here any time that I shall come home We have not got our kitchen set up for us

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I have not got a cent of money But I can borrow from friends Not such friends as Bill Thomas But the best of friends They come to me The best in the army But if I dont come this Fall I want you to sell the stear that gets in the corne If you cant get forty five dollars for him take forty Now if you can find a stear to match Baley Buy him Let the boys work them you cant do without a yoke of stears You wrote that Arthur Eversal said write what was the matter with Johnathan Hack

Taber is here now and Sires Allen I have got four stamps Write whether you get my clothing or not I sent then by Okey Whitney Will get them and you can get them from him There is hundred men in camp at this time

There is some prospect for Peace The South has begged for days to come over to the North for

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permit forcrossed out to make peace or try They have offered to make peace They have offered to make peace But have not said on what grounds Yet I cant forget Bill Thomas I wish I could be there I would make him want the chamber pot as bad as Elens sister Viola when she lance that cyst I think I can get to come Take care of the corn the best you can and I will make it right with him And Elen had better behave herself and her sister But away from that might mean the chamber pot I will stop writing about Bill and Elen I want you to do the best that you can and write as soon as you get this letter and let me know how you are a doing Address to Henderson Kentucky Infantry Volunteers care of Captain

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I will send you an early
mailing as there is no end
to it
So there is no end to the
affections between you and me
Thornton GPearce
to MalindaPearce
and Joseph Leander Pearce
Absent Elenander Pearce
William Andrew Pearce
John Prats Edmans Pearce
and Thornton McClelan Pearce

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