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To: John Work

From: Mary Work


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Well Isaac I wish to say something to you and I hardly know how to say it I was so much pleased with your answers to my questions or rather in part of them Somewhere perhaps in that strange lapse
Of being which we dimly dream
Was somewhere in our heretofore
Divided lifes mysterious stream
In dreams I seem to hear again
But waking lose the melody
And wondering echoes of the tome
Forever haunt and follow me
Sometimes A meaning sweet and rare
Rings through some halfforgotten word
And hints the dear exceeding joy
Which thrilled from that illegible chord
O my friend you cannot have the least idea of the obscure cloud that left my mind when I read your letter for I felt just as bad about it as I did once before about something of the same kind you know when and what that was Now I hope that I may never again have any reasons for such dark forebodings as either of these cases have caused me to have
Enfolded in that subtle tone
I illegible is hid the mystic key
Which reproduced would bring again
Lifes discord back into harmony
and now Isaac I did not like to hear you say that it was a lie about his putting her self in your way for I did not tell it for a lie because I knew it was true I shall always believe that it was all her fault and not

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yours neither did the young man tell a lie for it was rather plain to be seen and he does not tell lies There is some things that I can forget but there is some that I cannot Now Isaac as a friend I would like to know the name that you withheld in your letter Please tell me I would like to know if it is any one that I know and you need not be neither afraid or ashamed to tell me if it is not a relation for I can keep from talking as well as anyone else and I can talk when required so to do I can always believe what you tell me for I always think you tell the truth Only there is one thing in this letter that you will think condemns me a little but you will think that it is the truth too when you look at the right side of it and as for your cousins being so good as you or why Isaac I do not think that you have one that is half so good as you are Well I must close my letter You will please answer this when it is convenient if you think it worthy Please remember that name Farewell in friendship


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