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16 July1863
exact date of 16 of July 1863
day of the month 16 July 1863
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1863
month of Julydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mother and Father Boyd

From: Joseph E. Boyd Company D, 115th
Camp at Wartrace, Tennessee.


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Thursday Camp at Wartrace Tennessee
July the th

Mother and Father I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well and hearty and was glad to hear from you all and was hoping and trusting that when these few lines reach you may find you the same I received your letter a few minutes ago It found me well and in good health Your letter came to hand a few minutes It was written the th mailed at Frederick the th and illegible Recvd at cairo the th and it came to hand the th Our Regiment had been scarce of grub but we live fat and sassy off the rebel citizens and their orchards and Black Berrys I am glad to hear that Father is busy Working for it illegible me

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the rebel John Morgan is in one of the freestates Indiana They made a Dash in Viena and took all the people of the place They took Lieutenant Bridgewater prisoner and took his watch and he did make his escape that night from the Dam Notorious rebel John Morgan The rebel John Morgan is a rascal a robber a highwayman and a Notorious traitor to his country and I do sincerely hope that he Never make his escape if they catch him I dont want our men to spoil a piece of rope with him I want some soldier to raise his Old musket and throw a piece of lead at him and make a sure shot I three months more will bring this rebellion to close and I dont

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to come home till it is put down We have not seen the Elephant yet We are in good spirits about the way that our General is commanding the forces is getting along in the Potomac and the way that General Meade is doing in Pennsylvania There is about three or four trains comes out here Every day General Rosencranz is gone back from the front on important Business and will return before long He told us Boys that he would call and see us when he goes back All is quiet here now there is no skirmishing at all We get daily papers here from Nashville We have got Tennessee pretty near cleaned out of rebs I am glad to hear that Johnny is learning to play the fife The weather is fine and beautiful warm and pleasant

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We are camped in a nice grove of timber of Black poplar illegible tree and white Oak timber It is in an old rebel camp We are on picket about every five days and sometimes often than that We have heard of some big betting in our regiment One lieutenant has bet fifty Dollars that thete will be peace inside of thirty days Mother I want to see our old StarSpangled Banner wave over every fort and city and garrison in Southern Confederacy and I illegible to come home that is illegible some more At present I give my respects to all the Family and except mine and Mr Grimwood and all the girls in Frederick No more at present I remain your affectionate son until death

Joseph E Boyd to Mr Mrs Boyd

Direct all your letter to Dth illegible
Nashville are illegible

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