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7 July1905
exact date of 07 of July 1905
day of the month 07 July 1905
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1905
month of Julydecade of the 1900s.
1900s century

To: Mr Isaac Thompson
22 Claremount Street., Belfast..

From: Unknown
Portrush from the golf links..


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Got back safte again Left OJS hospitall and was up here at p not bad sure eh is mens Hack will be getting his card by the same mid as you get this althought his is from PKA I suppose you have heard nothing about waht Jack write to em Saw Back Jack last night the cant get o house in Coleraine He heard lines aint it When does A coem here or has he come Well AC put in a word for me with him if will be ok

Mr Isaac Thompson
Claremount Street

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