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2 August1927
exact date of 02 of August 1927
day of the month 02 August 1927
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1927
month of Augustdecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mr and Mrs A. Greenwood (mother and father)
Yeelup Farm, Cross Stone, Todmorden, Lame.

From: Elsie Greenwood


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Heysham Church

Dear Ma and Pa
We are having nice weather I am since a little on Sunday sun all day Elsie is busy making pies There is a lot of people here more than we have seen before your father is a little better this morning We are going to Blackpool tomorrow Wednesday Have you done hay making Did our Alice come on Saturday Yours with love form Elsie Grandma and Grandpa

Mr and Mrs A Greenwood
Yeelup Farm
Cross Stone

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