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7 August1758
exact date of 07 of August 1758
day of the month 07 August 1758
calendar day - 08 of August year - 1758
month of Augustdecade of the 1750s.
1700s century

To: Mr John Brown

From: Jeff Morison


A random letter.
U.S. Civil War
Passionate Romantic Love Letters.
World War One
World War 2

Terregles th August

Against Martinonafs next pay the right honourable William Maxwell of Nithsdale or order at the Coffee house of Dumfries thirty pounds sterling value delivered you in cash by Mr Chas Flay of London in May May and fifty five account of the said William Maxwell Jake Morrison

To Mr John Brown in London

th June The above bill in regard to the sale stated in account filled with Mr Brown and the Earl of Nithsdales order Jeff

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