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25 March1798
exact date of 25 of March 1798
day of the month 25 March 1798
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1798
month of Marchdecade of the 1790s.
1700s century

To: Mr Shortt

From: Mr Shortt
Whiteundat east.


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Dear Sir

Tomorrow I fully intended being with you at Tovaughly along with Mr W Maxwell and Mr Brown in order to have had my accounts examined and documented and the vouchers taken off my hand relative to Mr Browns affair up till inst I also mean to have laid before you and Mr Maxwell a list of arrears and outstanding debts due to Mr Brown with a distinct state of the debts due by him and the Inv thereof calculated up till March in order to give Mr Maxwell Mr Brown and you a proper view of his affairs I trusted the making out of my audit to a clerk of mine who has lately left me and that too I have had nothing else to do but transcribe and sum up the two duplicates of the audit Best now when I come to compare them with the vouchers I find such a multiplicity of errors and omissions as must lay me under the necessity of beginning the audits of new Honestly that will unavoidably prevent me meeting with you as I intended

In order to accomplish this I will devote as much of my time during the ensuing week as possibly can and on Wed I hope to be able to

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another day when you can make it convent to give me attendance either here or at Farray

I have communicated this to MW Maxwell and trusting the disappointment wont be very inconvenient to either you I remain dear sir

th November

Letter Mr Short
John Maxwell
Esq or Tenous pty

Mr Brown affair th October

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