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25 March1798
exact date of 25 of March 1798
day of the month 25 March 1798
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1798
month of Marchdecade of the 1790s.
1700s century

To: Mr Francis Shortt

From: Robert Spalding


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Francis Shorte Esquire Factory on the estate of Milnhead

To Robert Spalding Written Drumfries

May th

Drawing Heritable bond by John Brown Esquire of Milnhead to his Interdictors in favor of the Revd Mr Hames Haydon Minster of Heirs Sheets

Paid for a sheet of Stamped paper

Paid for Scrolling and Extending

Paid Horse Hire and Incidents going to Munmches and getting the Bond signed by Mefore Maxwells


Notaries fees in ins offering Mr Heyden in the estate of Milnhead

Instrument money

Paid horse hire for self Balier and witnesses and Dinner

Drawing the insistment

Paid for a sheet of stamped parchments

Paid for scrilling and extending so

Paid for recording the saseri


The above must be paid by Mr Shortt to me Rob Spalding

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