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7 November1801
exact date of 07 of November 1801
day of the month 07 November 1801
calendar day - 11 of November year - 1801
month of Novemberdecade of the 1800s.
1800s century

To: Francis Short

From: John Maxwell


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Edinburgh th November

Sir Having a desire to enclose Glen amade a small farm which lately pencharced from his Frace the duke of ucenberry and knowing that you act for Mr Brown of Milnbead proprictor of Auchengeith one of the farms antigrows to Glenmade I have no doubt of your concurrence in any thing which tends to improve the country On one part of the boundary between Mr Brown and one therese here a Mr so fill of small deep pts made perhaps sixy or ahun I med years ago by ath e grower or cloth of the tenants that Mr Brown tenents I lose annually a considerable number of sheep

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it therefore the most proper Marhc at present throught that moss will be a ditch of sufficient depth and demcht tp serve as a ffence and as a drain but where the bottom is soldi a good Gallaway dyke will be disible His Grace the Dbke of uccenberry has already concurrend and Mr Milchel also who has property continguous upon Mr Browns concurrence there will be no occasion to applu sp the Sheriff on the subject Had I been in the county since the purchase I should have done myself the kown to apply to you iin person but as I am confirned here by by business I hope you will signify Mr Browns concurrnec eby a short note directed to me High School Edinburgh I have the honour to be sire

Your most obient humber servant

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