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11 June1846
exact date of 11 of June 1846
day of the month 11 June 1846
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1846
month of Junedecade of the 1840s.
1800s century

To: Mrs L. Gardiner
Harbour, Illinois.

From: unknown
New York.


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Mr L Gardiner Esquire

New York June th

Dear Sir

We have anticipated your request of yesterday our principal object in writing at this time however is to explain some things that may appear to you somewhat obscure having written in very great haste It is my impression that Mr Lord in advising us to keep possession of the Deed thought that our mortgage covered all the property specified in said deed Previous to Mr Ls giving such opinion our attorney Mr Baker advised us to secure the acknowledgement of an old lady whose name appears in the deed and have it recorded but when I informed him of Mr L opinion he acquiesced but I did not acquaint him as above you are the best Judge in the premise I gave Mr Fordham to understand that I should come down in persons to the sale and bring the deed and Mr L opinion he looks upon me as the mover in the present proceedings says he knows all that I have said H
In saying that I have never had confidence in our success I wish to be understood that I did not believe the value of the property to exceed your recent estimate I submitted my first letter to Mr Baker who approved of its contents Allusion is made in my second letter to the danger of our being in possession of the property pending proceedings as Fordham on the ballences It may be that my suspicions extend too far but fire is a dangerous element especially when the value of the property consists principally in the standing timber
When we have succeeded in this we shall be prepared to investigate some other matter in your memory
That old affair of Mat Mitchells may come to something We have a claim so Shepard Edmonds which might be in such a shape as would enable us to realize on it immediately upon his return as informed that is the capacity of an officer informed me of your whale ships

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I could amuse you with the details of a case which just terminated in our favour Which seemly altogether for and experience has thought me that perseverance will accomplish almost anything If Mitchell had not been more than a match for Rose and Mr Hand he should from lost lep by him This throughly acquaintance with I was nela thing to do and co going him a decided adrem tagr as he has studied the thing of car trading debts with error praying them for long that he may be said to be perfect in that way

I shall continue to respond to your calls for sympathy and decidedly and shall take cone to become the but legal advise neither my ready

If we do not succeed it shall not be for want of dilligence on our part

Yours for
W B Murray

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