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25 December1855
exact date of 25 of December 1855
day of the month 25 December 1855
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1855
month of Decemberdecade of the 1850s.
1800s century

To: Brother James

From: B.Crook


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Bloomingburg December th

Brother James

I have just got up I intended to write to you last night but Ike came to see me and we passed the evening in singing Neither of us have school to day we are going to spend the day in making calls in Bloomingburg We want to make some new acquaintances Well James this is Christmas What are you going to do and what are the folks doing about Cross Probably a short hand term like Xmas I suppose they think they are at liberty to take a spree to day as it is Christmas

and went out So I thought a little A happy Christmas to you carve your own turkey for me I dont any of them especially since wanting would not help the matter if I did But I must give up for

I wrote a composition on Christmas and read it to my school yesterday telling them what it is kept for and showing them the folly of keepint itit generally is by the mass by getting a joy of whisky shooting at mark and gambling What mocking to pretend to celebrate a day so memorable in this way the day

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which the Redeemer of the world war borne

I was pleased to hear that you had started to school but was sorry to hear the advise your teachers gave you for I had hoped that you had a good teacher but his advise to you has caused me to doubt it for I think when any teacher will advise a scholar not to study mental arithmetic is behind the times He certainly knows nothing about it or can not teach it or he would not have given you such advice The examiners of this county had rather a teacher would fail on anything else I have found it of great benefit to me and this is the testimony of all who have studied it even after having studied Arithmetic for years I say get Rays Mental Arithmetic part second and again I say get Rays Mental Arithmetic and Study it Get Greens Grammars if you can which is so plain that you can study without a teacher if you can not get it get Pinneos Second part which is the kind I use in my school You need not tell your teacher what I have said and if you go to him Show him respect if you think he is not qualified I must go to town

Your Brother

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