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20 September1859
exact date of 20 of September 1859
day of the month 20 September 1859
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1859
month of Septemberdecade of the 1850s.
1800s century

To: James R. Conner
Bremen, Fairfield, Ohio.

From: Luke Conner
Chillicothe, Ohio.


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Chillicothe Ohio Sept th Monday

Dear Brother

I have just finished a letter to the tail end of the Senior class in the OU Female College I dont mean tail end in any other way than alphabetically certainly not And now as this is my rest day Ill rest a while giving you some account of my situation You had the conference accounts through the Advocate Previous to that I was with Brad and his friends and my friend Emma The first Sab after illegible I spent in Millersport and in Lancaster Kirk illegible of possibly Portermann an old friend of mine was with me He preached in Millersport and in Lanc for the Methodists on Sunday night and as Gilbreth was absent I preached in his place for the OS Presbyterian On Monday following came to Chil Had a cordial reception and have a very good place to board Mine host is intelligent pious and jovial Illegible that went to Del is his adopted son and is now here & intending to go to Cincinnati to attend medical lectures Jamison had not yet gone when I came His daughter Bettie was married & since my arrival here my duties are as follows Every other Mond night Leaders meeting Every Tues night a bible class composed of young ladies teachers in Sab school Wednes night general society meetings for speaking lecturing and missionary illegible meetings Frid night usual illegible meeting Sat night I am urged to attend choir Dont think I shall regularly On Friday afternoon I have a female class On Sab I preach twice and teach Bible class in Sab School Have been out twice in the country with illegible Hear him recite every day after dinner He had his quarterly meeting yesterday Preached for him Sat night Dr Howard President of the Ohio University held his meeting in the absence of Dr Trimble the Presiding Elder he having taken a trip west By the way Trimble lives here and I have the pleasure and

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tage of getting under his wing our church has been lately renovated and is a very pleasant one has a nice basement and classrooms with gas lights Membership about I find a good delegation of Del boys here By the way I suppose your illegible "Bush" was president of Whitewater college illegible and has a faculty to lecture before every week and has a wife too illegible possibly Porsuch is Prof of music in Brookville College Ind illegible assistant principal in an Academy in Reading Pa Will join conference in April Saw Hamilton in Columbus studying with his brother Dr Hamilton Saw Patterson in illegibleville in the high school department there Saw illegible dad in Columbus Says he has been at work on the farm but was away visiting then Poor Smith illegible went home to Iowa took fever and died Some go forth to battle with the world and some lay down their armor in youth I have felt since here that in the strife I must lean upon God or the weight of my responsibilities would crush me The consolations of personal religion must be the itinerants stay or he will have a sorry life of it I need the prayers of my friends Of course you will let mother read this letter and she needs but know that the demands upon me are great and that I tremble under them to enlist all the fervor of her faithful prayers That have ever attended me as well as all her children I should write to her which would be more satisfactory no doubt but defer it for reasons which she of course understands perfectly I know not what my allowance is but understand it is all subscribed and will come quarterly without fail Chillicote is a beautiful city of inhabitants in the rich valley of the Scioto with most beautiful hill scenery around I know of no cleaner prettier city Hope you are having good times Must close and go to depot to see Dr Howard Off on the train for Athens Write and give me all that you think would interest Your Brother Luke

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