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22 April1861
exact date of 22 of April 1861
day of the month 22 April 1861
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1861
month of Aprildecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr James R. Conner
Washington, Fayett County, Ohio.

From: Esther C. Conner


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Crossansville April th

Brother Jim
This is Monday Evening I have come home from school finished washing and set down to write to you I do the washing mornings and evenings so that I can go to school we are all well there is a great excitement here and I guess every place else about war there is a great meeting at Bremen to night to try to get volunteers to go to war went from Lancaster a few that we knew Seth Weddenings Abel Efforts wife two sons little Bil Hays everything is in commotion Bill and Steve went to Bremen tonight to hear the speech a man is to be there from Zanesville to speak for them I cannot tell you all the news about it for it would take a sheet of paper we got a letter from Ben is well one from Brad they are well one from Len they are well off with screwing them

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when you write if you can tell us all the news about war that you can think of We are very anxious to hear the news thinking that you get it more correct than we do We have not sowed any oats yet we have had a snow about half foot deep the next time that you write try to write a little plainer for we could hardly read it Ben did not tell us what Harne has done he said that he would tell us in some future letter Harny has never come to see us We did not get that little girl that we thought we would get some person told Mrs Hutch that we would take her if they could not get any place else for her so She gave her to Mrs Ellis old Benjamins wife and I suppose that she would not give her up I dont want you to show this letter to Ike or Em for I have written it in such a hurry it is late so it was when I commenced Write soon Tell us all you know about the South
Esther C

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