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5 December1861
exact date of 05 of December 1861
day of the month 05 December 1861
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1861
month of Decemberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr James R. Conner
Washington, Fayett County, Ohio.

From: L. Crook
Washington C.H., Ohio.


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Washington CH Ohio December

Brother Jim
Received yours of this week and in reply would say come on Glad of your visit Am not sure that a lecture will be pecuniary profitable but think it would be otherwise

Bob Taylor told me to write to you that he and Munroe wanted you to teach their school again commencing about the st of January Stuckey is going to or has written to President Merrick on behalf of the board to send them a teacher and Taylor requested me to inform you so that you might see Merrick and have him send you Taylor and Munroe are in for you Think Stuckey not so favorable simply because you are little too religious Should Merrick send you however Stuck would be flattened out

Told J and I would write but thought you intended to stay per annum at Del

Preach a soldiers funeral today Died at Camp Thomas and was brought home

Your Brother

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