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6 May1862
exact date of 06 of May 1862
day of the month 06 May 1862
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1862
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Mr James R. Conner
Washington, Fayett County, Ohio.

From: L. Crook


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Washington CH May

Bro JR Conner

I write immediately to communicate an item of intelligence which I just received from Hester who is now visiting us She says Uncle Thomas Elder has sold his farm to Uncle James Black and says when payments come in he is as willing to lend you money as any one else says he will have more than he will need

Write to him instantly and tell him your wants I am both to let you hand any not because I would not most forcedly if I had a monetised profession but I have no capital but little money on hands and large wants which he us part curtailed and part supplied I dont feel that I ought to rest lending when I have nothing to depend on but my meager living

If Elder cant supply you this term Ill forward as soon as I know it is necessary

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As to your asking George I dont think it worth while if even I could spare it I may have to fall back on him a pinch found mounted home to get Emmd a dress in Phil and he told me he could not spare money to do it so I forwarded the money

He will be at home soon as is already My salary keeps me comfortably but it is a poor foundation I have a wife to whom I owe my case and I am not done yet with my education Nor is my house furnished with these things affords little margin for lending

Write to Elder and then let me know Soon I he cant Ill help you

Ever Yours

PS I started Saturday are nice to go to Pittsburgh landing in anticipation of battle but found at Cincinnati the last military boat full and ready to depart so I spent Sabbath in Cincinnati preached at night in Trinity Church

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