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9 March1863
exact date of 09 of March 1863
day of the month 09 March 1863
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1863
month of Marchdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Brother James Conner

From: B. Crook
Pancoastburg, Fayette County, Ohio.


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Dear Brother

Just received yours of the th inst Would have written to you before now but for affliction The school has been taken up here two weeks ago

We were away from home when we received your first letter Hathie was away in another part of the circuit sick weeks Came home last Monday She was taken again on Thursday has been quite sick ever since I am without a girl because am not able to hire one Do the work myself You ask for advice I have none but to do the best you can & then to do the best you can & then you will in the path of duty I am as liable to be drafted as you I have not decided yet

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I shall do if am will wait & see It may be best for you if drafted to pay for you could pay that in about one years teaching & if you go into the army you may have to stay or years & you know that is not a very good place to educate To pay would be a loss of only about one year to you & many poor fellows will lose or more and their lives too I think now I shall borrow the if drafted I would be willing to give that doubled if that would bring peace I would like to help you but can not now I have to use all the economy I can to make "ends meet" There will be no trouble I think in getting schools as so many teachers have gone to war Keep up your courage & trust in God


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