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6 October1863
exact date of 06 of October 1863
day of the month 06 October 1863
calendar day - 10 of October year - 1863
month of Octoberdecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: James R Conner
Kinderhook, Pickaway, Ohio.

From: Steve Conner
Bremen, Ohio.


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Bremen Ohio October th

Brother Jim

I will answer your letter of the th this evening I am in the kitchen writing by candlelight The rest are sitting around me Pap has gone to bed mother is reading your old letters over Esther is sewing Martha washing the dishes Bill is in the cupboard as usual They are all well but myself I am getting better slowly I gain strength but not in flesh I am able to walk about considerable I was down at uncle Thomas last night I am weak yet I had a bad spell while mother and father were at conference at diarrhea started a new with the flux I had Dr Evans brought out I was bed fast

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about weeks but it is entirely checked now I can eat hearty and feel tolerably well only weakness Tom Hayes Edd Thompson hen Johnson Dan Stoltz and Dan Dutton are all home yet and are going to stay some time Yet I dont know how soon I will go back not till I get able My furlough has run out several days ago I was down last Thursday and got Evans to write to Memphis and got authority to lengthen it have not go an answer yet You mentioned about Pap coming to Circleville He will not come He has sold hist right Thomas Elder and him sold their share to a man in Lancaster while at a conference for the large sum of a piece

You mentioned about your razor and towel Esther and I are going into Lancaster tomorrow will get the razor but dont know when we will get a chance

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