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10 May1865
exact date of 10 of May 1865
day of the month 10 May 1865
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1865
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Jim Conner
Washington, Fayette County, Ohio.

From: Steve Conner Co P 114 regiment
Mobile, Alabama.


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Selma Alabama May th

Brother Jim

I recieved your letter yesterday written the th April It was th first I heard from home for a month We recieved a large mail yesterday I got from home writen back in February one in March had went to Savannah Dont direct any more by the way of New York they are a great deal longer coming

We are in camp at Selma Alabama mile from Mobile up the Alabama river We did not stay long at M after it was evacuated Our division the nd moved up the river by boat Our supposed destination was Montgomery but when we got here we heard of the armistice between Sherman Johnston Taylor and Canly so went into camp This is a pretty town the size of Lancaster Ohio General Wilsons cavalry took the place and burned the arsenals and foundaries There was considerable of the town buned as the arsenals were in the center of the city They capture prisioners Old Forest was in but escaped There was a number drowned in trying to swim the river It is pretty filthy place or was when we come Wilson captured all the horses they had here so all the surplus ones he killed There was over dead one when come here The citizens are quite friendly There was one up yesterday and tool dinner with us I was also to his house and took dinner with tehm There are all glad the yankees are here Brig Gen Andrew commans the place

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He is our division command We left Mobile the th and landed here the th We were not troubled by Gurrillies but once they killed two men of the fleete We landed and layed all in ashes for miles around Mobile is a nice city We did not lay there long we had quite a jubilee over our recent victories We did not wast any of our ammunition in firing salutes We had enough Rebels but when the news of the assassination of the present it put a damper on the whole army But it was only momentary It may be for the best They will not be dealt with as mercifully with us as Lincool had lived

The boys are all in good spirits thinking the war is over Taylor and Forrest have surrendered there armies to Canby so there is nothing more to do Men from Lees army are passing home past here daily Johnston also Some live in this place do all they could against furrilias an dhelp repari the rail roads The cars come in here yesterday from Maridians Mijs It will be in running order to Mobile in a few days The bous all exprect to go home soon We are going from here soon The tolk is to Texas The nd Brigade had reviewed yesterday Ours are going to be reviewed this everning at oclock by Andrews We expect to go in a few days as soon as the boats come up

I remain your brother Steve

Co P Regiment OVI via New Orleans

Excuse the paper as ut us part of an accout book of an old Alabama planter paper is scarce

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