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20 May1865
exact date of 20 of May 1865
day of the month 20 May 1865
calendar day - 05 of May year - 1865
month of Maydecade of the 1860s.
1800s century

To: Conner
Washington, Fayette County, Ohio.

From: G.L.Putnam


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Amhurst Mass
May th
Friend Conner agt

I was glad to receive your letter informing me of your success in the Albrien business I was confident you would succeed if you tried it hope you may sell half a million Am much obliged for the answer to my inquires as to the case of Miss Kate Brennan I would like to know how you obtained such valuable information from that quarter I think I have a faint recollection of selling her mother an album & of her speaking casually of her daughter & perhaps she showed me her picture

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but as you are posted there is no need of my continuing the story farther I would like first rate to see the illegible albums and especially Russel What is Mr Champlin doing now I would enjoy visiting some of the places I canvassed in O I made some very pleasant acquaintances Please remember me to Mr Black when you write him I wonder if he has entirely recovered from those compliments we paid him that made him blush so It has been a very rainy season here & is just pouring now with a prospect of more to come I begin to feel as if my college life was soon to end only three weeks more to study and

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I shall come out liberally educated fitted to take my stand on the very illegible of fame
I will enclose you my photo as desired as I think that may be the easiest way to secure yours I do not think the one I send you very good it looks too natural I tried to bribe the artist to improve on the original but he was incorruptible I send you the result
I had the pleasure of hearing illegible Douglass last evening subject "Equality before the Law" It was very fine and his arguments were conclusive that the negro should be allowed to vote & enjoy the privileges By the way Jeff Davis

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not paid the ladies a very great compliment by adopting their costume I should hope to here from you soon & receive that photo and hear of your continued success Direct to me here yours very truly G L Putnam

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