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2 September1842
exact date of 02 of September 1842
day of the month 02 September 1842
calendar day - 09 of September year - 1842
month of Septemberdecade of the 1840s.
1800s century

To: W.J.Brautly
Augusta Georgia.

From: W.J.Branity
Aiken, South Carolina.


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Aiken nd September

My dear Brother

Yours of the st last came to hand this morning and although I am rather too hasty conclusion have nevertheless determined God willing to be with you on the Fourth Sabbath of this month

I am glad to hear of the good health of your city and this that such a kind dispensation of providence may be satisfied both to and And further let me beseech you to bear an unworthy Brother in your arms of faith to thee From of heavenly grace that he may so justly thou mercy and walk humbly with his God

Affectionately yours in Gospel vows

Rev WJ

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