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26 December1843
exact date of 26 of December 1843
day of the month 26 December 1843
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1843
month of Decemberdecade of the 1840s.
1800s century

To: Cho Coleby (solicitor)
North Walsham, Norfolk.

From: Chapman and Jeansell
Norwich, England.


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Dear Sir

We have searched and do not find any conditional surrender passed by Mr John Durrell in the Monor of Gymingham Lancaster since his admission on the th June

Our Charge for search and letter is

You can take the surrender on the usual Terms that is to say Deputation fee Talomg sirredmder and if Mr Durrells wife join in the surrender for the seperate examination

North Walsham Commitations

Staved you received the charde herein be has not nor heard any thing on the Subject

We are Dear Sir
Yours Truly
Chapman and

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