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29 March1911
exact date of 29 of March 1911
day of the month 29 March 1911
calendar day - 03 of March year - 1911
month of Marchdecade of the 1910s.
1900s century

To: Miss Alice W. Jones (cousin)
Toleda, Iowa.

From: Emma L.M.Hill (cousin)
Mae, Washington.


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Mae Wash

My Dear Cousin

Well I wasnt scared but I was a little bit frightened when i recieved your letter

I suppose it seemed kind of lonesome since Myran and Maurice have gone How do you like it

I havent seen any of Berthas for a couple of weeks I dont know how they are

Iva and I are still going to school it will be out the twentyeight of April I dont know what I will do when school is out I think I will be at home this summer

Orrie and Arch came home from Ophrata this evening Orrie was telling about a little boy of about five that fell into a tub of boiling water

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The boys mother had set the water on the floor and was going to mop She under took to correct the boy and he backed up in to the tub He lived about three days After the doctor dressed his wounds he kept singing that he was going over yonder

We have most of our wheat and rye in Arch and Orrie will haul hay tomorrow and Friday and Saturday they will work for Mr Jenkins

George is going to a well put down in the place now He has his forty all grubbed now

I have grubbed a little on mine I did grub after got home from school but since I have the cows to roundup I dont get much time

Mamma came and wanted to put up the Mail so I had to move

we have a lot of new neighbors now There is lots of work being done here this spring A man by name of Mr Coy who lives a mile north of Arch sold a piece of ground that ha had nothing at all done with it for a hundred dollars an acre Mr Snyder had twenty men working for him

Orrie is churning and jarring the table so excuse my writing And if you find any misspelled words you will know it is this pen of Orrie all ways uses it when he writes

Myrta got a card from a friend of hers that lives over near their old place and she sign her name Mrs Plotner her name was Miss Ore that

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was the first we knew she was married Her and her husband are both school teachers They both were Myrtas neighbors

You ask for one of my pictures but I am afraid you will have to wait until I have them taken again I dont know when that will be

Well I will close hoping to
hear from you soon

As ever your Loving

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