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18 July1805
exact date of 18 of July 1805
day of the month 18 July 1805
calendar day - 07 of July year - 1805
month of Julydecade of the 1800s.
1800s century

To: James Hannay Esquire
Lockbank, Castle Douglas, Scotland.

From: unknown
Edinburgh, Scotland.


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Boradfoots a Sinclair

Though they are no fewer than four papers in this case transmitted to be advised it is not in such a shape that the Ordy thinks he can pronounce a judgement The whole cause turns upon certain stipulations said to be contained a contract of lease and yet that contract is not produced At present however the view which the order has of the different particulars As to Article of bondance that if the landlord is bound by the Tack to perform certain conditions such as to make fences and has failed to implement these conditions this affords the tenants a ground of retention more particularly as in the present case they offer caution The Ord not bound by the decree antuhal is yet inclinned to receive it as evidence of the fact Thinks that by this decree damages are only given down to and if nothing has been done by the landlord since that period damages are still due and the Ondy is much inclined to ascertain the amount according to the estimate of the Asbiter Oct depends upon to word of the lack Oas the lease mus determine whether the claim falls within the landlords obligations

No Voucher is produced to show that the sum has been paid by the Defs th Articles seems to be admitted

Cause to be called

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James a copy of Lot Con notes in the mail and duties ago All tenants of Duuvier And as the leaves in called on Tuesday next will March you for your observations there on in caurier The Tash was taken out of p in order to pronve the Newtae which explains the first part of the Notes

I am Sir

th July

James Hannay Esquire

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