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27 January1809
exact date of 27 of January 1809
day of the month 27 January 1809
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1809
month of Januarydecade of the 1800s.
1800s century

To: Charles Stewart Esquire
Edinburgh, Scotland.

From: Alexander Fraser Tytler
Lincoln Inn, London.


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Your letter of the th has just come to hand

Lincoln Inn th January

Dear Sir
I request you will give conveyance to the enclosed Letter of condolence for Ms Anshuther Miss Austither and myself have been concealing how to secure the appointment of clerk to the bills in trust on James Hamilton in the first place and therefore to procure the three girls lobe put upon the pension list and when the father services are fresh in memory the season is most proper To enable to have Mrs Ansbacker plaudon the half pay list trust produce the register of her marriages and at the distance of times

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I have not a recollection of the place where I am to apply I conceive that an application of a pension so Mrs Anshuther would injure the Interest of her children Have in my possession a bond of provision excutely the gentleman on the day in which he left this It is in favour of young children and in addition to one

I shall send it and the marriage settlement to Edinburgh to be put on record and shall request of Lord Rosslyn to do the like with a bond on deeding his possession The gentleman having died intestate as I conceive Mrs Aushuther will have to administrate him and as there is

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qualified to act in that capacity and is in face Trundes situatedas she is the listway for him will be so excutes a pown in any favour authorsing me to administer & whatever may be coming demand to pay the James the gurdons of the children the deed revived in the Bond of provision is of the Intamentary notices containing the Nominations of Excutions It will headmilled as a bill and must be Dr Commons upon by the excuites which will e a reling to Mrs Anstuther all which to smelling act according to

Yours faithfully
Alex Fraser

Charles Stewart

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Alex Fraser
London th January

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