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12 February1830
exact date of 12 of February 1830
day of the month 12 February 1830
calendar day - 02 of February year - 1830
month of Februarydecade of the 1830s.
1800s century

To: James Lidderdale
Lochbank, Castle Douglas, Scotland.

From: John Hannay


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Edinburgh Feb

Dear Sir

I have your favor of the th with the of resignation and in favor of the carious and his relative procuratory and communication

Your question as to the effect of the proposed arrangemetns on seletenieul is one of the considerable nicet I think the later decessious of the court that the cash fedral
letters gover the sucception but there is one shoyg cast th ago Skera July where it was decided that a party who had executed a deed of settlement regulating the inception to the estate and logded it for that purpose with a pieced and who had afterwards taken out a charter to her yours whomsoever was there by held to have access we situations in the settlement because the prision date in formal of the fact it is held in law to be posterion as it does not take effect till after the sauters death The decease on however appearts rather to have been departed from in account practice and I would particulary refer you to the

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noted cast of all ag december arecoated as the House of the Lords where all the authorities and decisions on the subject are fully detailed On deciding that case the Legion appears to have cooked a good deal to the questions of intentions as supporting the new excutature how I thing in arranging the matter for knorkessan you need have no difficulty in making it appear on the face of the deconvey cause of the property to that there is us in caution by the procedure to alter the settlement of the estate he had formerly made in a ny respect the obect being purley political and as a for ther conformation he might be made afterwards to add a codical to her conferring it when may perhaps be at any late in course questoion of the beguesh of the dole to here son I take it for granted that the dole is to

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unpotance us all the case would not come into opertaion here besides that case there is that of Haway ag Craid Buehanem December which I would ask advice you to consult Upon the whole I enclse to think that the arrangement may be carried though in the way I have pointed out without danger but in a matter of the keeed I will not advise given own discretion exist gree oce

I want state for the opinion from the Saudeson In time of is difficult to get a counsel in such cumporment as the at then cases for opinion Is

As soon as over Books are Georg up I shall need you the account for th drryio charter and to think that I have so hear prospect of te Blackmark accounts

Casey settled Gosusin
Yours Sincerely

John Hannay

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