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16 June1920
exact date of 16 of June 1920
day of the month 16 June 1920
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1920
month of Junedecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs F.C.Housen
Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Mrs M.B.Glesson
Box 502, Toledo, Iowa.


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Toledo Iowa

Dear Alise

I received your most welcome letter a day or so ago and had really thot you didnt care for me any more as I hadnt heard a word from you for so long but its alright now "c"

I thot that maybe Mamma and Nellie had told you something and you were mad They tell everyone how mean I am Ive even been along with mama places and heard her tell folks how mean I was But I

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The kids are making such a noise I cant think Lynne Poole Sydney T Maxine Kathryn toymauete Nauda Nayne and I were out to Ardie Altermaus to a strawberry supper last night I took the car and took Maudy Brush and Hazel and Annie Nalrer It was my Sunday school class and there were about there We had an awfully nice time There are about in the class

Pooles have bought the place where Thompsons live and expect to move there soon Thompsons havent any place to go yet and cant find one to rent

Little Rolland is sure some kid I could squeeze him to pieces if I dared hes so cute Hes real

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it doesnt hurt anything anyway Everybody thinks its not right for Nellie to keep the baby so that it has to live down her sin and wonders why papa and mama allow it But mama says it has as good a right as Jim or his baby have

I am planning on going home with you if you come down whether Emma comes or not They dont any of them have any time for us anyway but Jim and Henrietta but they are as good as gold and theyll think it is OK for us to go

If nothing happens they are going to have Naynes operation on Sat Im so anxious to have it over but hes been having such a

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and has big brown eyes already And looks all around so bright Of course jim and Henrietta dont like him very well Naudas just crazy over him and wants us to get one I tried to get them to let us have him but they didnt say we could Nauda thinks it would be awfully nice if you had one like him Shes very thotful of you "c"

Ive wished all spring that you had my incubator I think well soon buy a place of our own and Ill have chickens next year of my own too

I dont know if you can read this as I am so shakey but I hoped so And hurry up and come home


Have you a sewing machine

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