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16 June1920
exact date of 16 of June 1920
day of the month 16 June 1920
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1920
month of Junedecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs M.B.Slessor
Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Mrs Myriam B.Glesson
Box 502, Toledo, Iowa.


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Sun Oct

Dear Myeau

Why didnt you come here We looked for you for four days then Bert said he thot you were waiting for better weather and Elmer said "Oh she shipped her car" Aunt Anna telephoned me the other day that she saw by the paper that you and Jim and Henrietta and children had gone Did you write If so I didnt get the letter Ive wondered a lot about the children Did they have the whooping cough or not Aunt Anna was going to have you there for the night There was no time to get a

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letter to you Elmer was at Marshalltown Beamau and Gladbrokk a week ago called on Eds his brothers account Ed was at the Deaconess in Marshalltown They didnt think hed live but he did and is mending right along Elmer tried to find locate Aunt Ella by phone but couldnt Heard nothing from Toledo Aunt Ella wrote shes at Aunt I was so surprised She says "Nellies baby is a little dear and so pretty" never mentioned Henrietta or you She was savage in her denunciation of Nellie When I was there she thot I was a fool because I wasnt hard on Nellie like she was

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and I looked at each other and smiled when we read what she said Did Nellie or Aunt say anything about the letter I wrote to her Nellie She never answered it I wondered if she didnt like what I said Neither she or Aunt said one word about her affairs to me They left it all for someone else to tell and then kick the someone else

Well enough of that How are Wand and Wayne Im particularly interested for Melvin has whooping cough good and plenty He hasnt whooped much and doesnt cough so bad daytimes but coughs pretty hard at night Im giving him something that seems to help

Across the top
Dug potatoes yesterday Weve dandy potatoes and got beans for the lot downtown Are Jim Henrietta with you It would be just like us to come see you all Wish we could this fall but

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without checking the cough To check that is dangerous Presuming you know He eats good and hasnt vomited so far at all I cooked up a cupful of whole flax seed in a qt of water strained it put in a pound of honey and two lemons and give a tablespoon times a day Can give but is loosening to bowels if too much is given He loves it I thought if yours are coughing it might help too I must stop and help with dinner

Forgot to say that sale and all jobs of thrashing silo filling are over and Elmers at home The farm is rented Seems good to have him home

Write soon

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