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22 December1921
exact date of 22 of December 1921
day of the month 22 December 1921
calendar day - 12 of December year - 1921
month of Decemberdecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs F.C.Hansen
Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Nellie K.Jones
Toledo, Iowa.


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Toledo Iowa Dec

Dear Alice

I should have had this ready to sent this morning but I couldnt do it as I had to run to get the box sent before the carrier went past Hes dreadful afraid of waiting half a minute and hates to take bundles like everything about the box The nuts and corn are for you and Chrissie and the package tells who they are for Mama said to tell you all ewas from me but Papa gathered the nuts and raised the corn and Mama paid the postage so their from all Im sorry I couldnt send Wanda and Wayne anything but I had no money and had to use what Id had on hand for a couple of

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years for what I did get I had a notion to send Wanda Katherines picture but was afraid Myiam wouldnt care for her to have it and I dont want to send them to anyone unless I know they want them

Mamma & I have each received a package from Hotel Bonadventure Mammas from Helen and mine from cousin Nettie and I have received one from each Anna and Hazel They all have dont open till Xmas tags on though

Say I forgot to trim the threads on one of you girls presents I dont know which Maybe both but you can do that I guess Just take the shears and whack them off

We are all pretty well now though Papa Mamma both notice the cold but they both show

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age more than usual about that Katherine is so full of the old Nick that she can scarcely contain herself most of the time She tries to say everything and dances around here from morning to night with her nose into everything She tried to climb up on the piano so Mamma shut it up she nearly has a fit because its gaw gous gorgeous She calls everything she like toeat pie

A yes by the way Im sending Myrans to you cause weve sent several letters and a couple of packages to Myran that we never heard she got or not so Im sending this to be sure she gets it

Mamma and I are going to address our postals

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and Mamma has a package to get ready for Henrietta Sending her a chicken some eats for Xmas Our presents are mostly home grown this year I had three yards of linen Id gotten while you were here a year ago in June to make for you Myran Henrietta so I just made it up I got the interest on my liberty bond and got Mamma the cyclamin shes wanted so bad

We go to Uncle Harrys for dinner Xmas expect to have them here for New Year Aunt Ella expects to be at Harrys and then come over here if its not too cold

Well Mamma wants my pen so must stop let her have it

Let me hear if you get the box all right Love to all

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