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7 June1922
exact date of 07 of June 1922
day of the month 07 June 1922
calendar day - 06 of June year - 1922
month of Junedecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs F.C.Hansen
Hideaway Farm, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Mrs A.R.Jones
Toledo, Iowa.


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Tuesday afternoon

Dear Alice I just finished a letter Myran and I feel it my duty to answer the letter which you have not written yet as you did on your last Well first I have a little Turkey I expect youll say "Pshaw Ive got lots of em" But this one of mine is not one of many but a nice big only one in the family It picked the shell yesterday morning and this morn it is not much further along I went out to see it and when I cam back in I was tired and laid down and in a few minutes I was sound asleep and Id been doing a quite a lot of figuring to get money to send to Myran and I dreamed I was at a strange place trying to sell a fine big gobbler that weighed lbs for I said he ought to bring but I wanted money so bad Id take for him but I wakened before I even got the

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I went out after dinner and he was clear out lying on his back among the other two and hen eggs I brot him in and weighed him oz I sure would not take for him now he is so promising Its the one with the writing on the big hens egg and its so sure a nice big poult The other two are all ratty and wont hatch I have put out about little chix and had splendid luck with them

Nellies had to care for them lately Got out of incubators last week and have stopped now Only the hen that had the turkey egg has to hatch

Ive not been very well and cant do hardly anything and am in so much pain but hope to be better sometime maybe as Ardin said Cant get anything that seems to help me

I just finished the letter to Myran

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sent her on what I owe her We expect her home hope she come rite away We have lots of strawberries now and hope she will come while they are good Henrietta and Jim were up last Sunday week ago and are coming again this next Sunday

Rolland and Chrissie had birthday I remembered Chrissie and will try and send him something sometime I dont do much now cant

Nellie sure has been a blessing to us this year Papa and Ive so good for nothing and she has sure been a help Little Katherine sure talks so cute She barefooted today I wish you were coming with Myran Come when you can well be awful glad to see you

Wed like to come and see you but Im not even able to ride to town and Papa

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not very well either The Dr says he ought not to work but he just does and is getting ready to plow corn as Russell has too much to care for alone

We have little pigs Awful nice ones are thoroughbred Jerseys

We picked or Papa did quarts of strawberries and I steamed them and Nellie canned the remainder this morning We made eight peanut butter jars of sunshine last Sat Do you have Strawberries

The Cherries are not going to amt to much this year The plums are full yet but the cherries didnt fill out and most of them dropped Some few of the trees have some but most have none I want to see your place so bad I can hardly wait till we can come Did your Rose grow and the white Lilac I thot that was a bridal wreath when I sent it but it was a spirea

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Ive a new blue dress Wish youd come down and make it for me I dont seem to amt to anything anymore Nellie even has to care for the chickens now But I think maybe I can work soon If I dont get better soon Im going to a hospital for treatment I cant stand it this way for ever

Alice are you taking care of that tape worm Dont neglect it as you will be so much better when you get rid of that My how I wish I could see you and talk to you I guess you can hardly read this scratching

Write right away and well let you hear from us often if you want to

Your loving

Did you know: The word "inst" was a very commonly used abbreviation for the Latin "instante mense" meaning this month.

Wednesday morning o c

All stirring a real June morning Warm enough to go without fire Lots of berries to pick and cant pick em Little turk alright and hen has chicks and eggs pecked only had eggs instead of Wish they were all turkeys This one seems to be a talker Think he took it from the writing on the shell or the one who wrote it dont know which

The road gang moves to pasture just across here in a few days A tough lot One fellow up now in Toledo for stealing mules down in Missouri and bringing them up here and working them but they have disappeared from here and cant be found and he wont tell where they are

Write soon

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