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6 January1923
exact date of 06 of January 1923
day of the month 06 January 1923
calendar day - 01 of January year - 1923
month of Januarydecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs F. Chrissie Hansen
Hideaway Farm, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Maariam, Mrs E.L.Cole
Spring Valley, Minnesota.


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January th

Dear Alice I was anxious to hear from you and wed looked for Myran every day for two weeks Elmers brother was here for a week before Xmas He was going to spend Xmas with Mother but did not dont know where he was now she didnt either He has had a sale rented his farm and is in line for work at the soldiers home He has a pension

We got your pkg package Puttie carried it in and when it was opened just grabbed a chocolate She thot it was hers She isnt allowed candy but she had some of that We all enjoyed them too

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yes we found your pin did not know if it was yours or Myrans till we heard from you I was so glad to get your letter I didnt wait to get to the house with it to read it Do you want me to send your pin or will you come for it We made most of your Xmas candy have for several years had a merry Xmas I was sick Xmas didnt enjoy my dinner but was able to eat lots new years Aunt Laura wrote they expected Mabel Xmas but she hadnt come yet Have you heard Im so anxious to hear I do wish I could see her I can hardly bear to think I cant I hope your Xmas was merry and your New Year happy and many more happy ones to come I am sending you a snap shot of Pattie

Love from

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