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5 April1925
exact date of 05 of April 1925
day of the month 05 April 1925
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1925
month of Aprildecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs Alice Hansen
Hideaway Farm, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Emma, Mrs M.J.Graham
Govan, Saskatchewan.


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Govan April th

Dear Alice
I suppose you have lots of company these days I have been waiting to hear from some of you and guess you are doing the same

Well we sure have or are making a change again as it was impossible for us to go on as we were after we lost Melvilles father and when we sold

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farm decide to quite farming so he went to Regina and got a position with his old company to travel out to Calgary then had our poll last Monday and moved into Govan where we are staying with Mother when he Melville went down to Regina and got such a good offer from the Avery people I guess he will start with them next week and we will live in Regina

I will sure like it much better as we have had such hard times and work on the farm and

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had to practically give our things away at the sale while we will have a good salary and commission on very thing he sells and all his expenses paid and also a house which I havent had since I left Des Moive a good school for the boys and a little pleasure instead of all drudgery

I wanted to go out and spend a few days with Mr Gettens and Brechts before I left here but dont know if I will have time as Mother will keep the

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and let me go with Melville to get a house and furniture and get settled before the th last

Our snow is nearly gone and gophers are all out suppose crocus are too if we could see them

Our writing with a pen a lovely Wahl fountain nearly covered with gold the neighbors presented to Melville They are having a party and presentation for me at Gettises thought I am not supposed to know it

Well must stop and read Uncle Wiggley to Gordon Hope you are all fine as we are and let us hear from you soon


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