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5 April1925
exact date of 05 of April 1925
day of the month 05 April 1925
calendar day - 04 of April year - 1925
month of Aprildecade of the 1920s.
1900s century

To: Mrs Alice Hansen
Hideaway Farm, Menomonie, Wisconsin.

From: Emma, Mrs M.J.Graham
Govan, Saskatchewan.


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Toledo Iowa
September th

Dear Nellie and Alice
Ive been thinking along time Id write you girls and tell you how lovely it was in you to make for me that pretty Kimona and I suppose you and I didnt appreciate it I did though for I had goods to make me one for or years and never found time to make it I like it so much and thank you if I am a long time saying it

I have been alont most of the day Edgar went to church then after dinner read and took a walk and now has gone to mile I just picked a big bouquet of nasturtinms for Rolland to take to school in the morning

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He is delighted with his school and usually whistles or sings or makes some noise to call our attention How is Katherine getting along Or arent you home yet Weve none of us heard yet tho we know you got as far as Spring Valley Last Saturday a week ago just at noon Elma Marian and Elizabeth drove up here and stayed until Tuesday we were nearly dried up as everything was just scorced and hot winds too The morning they started home the st day of the fair it started raining at oclock and rained every day Thursday afternoon just a little but all day Friday so they had no fair at all It was a big low They had much better exhibits than usual

Sunday Elmers took Edgar and I and went to Marshalltown to see Mrs Cole Elmer wouldnt let me put up dinner but took his mother and all of us to a cafe where we had a fine chicken dinner We stayed with Mrs C after going to the park and having a nice ride over the city and through Riverside Then came down to the for the evening exercises which are all enjoyed especially Elizabeth who had hardly seen and Indian in her life Ada and Harry for us to keep you until they got home Ada said she wanted to hug little Katherine and sent her this letter she sent one to Rolland also and Robert wanted me to give him a letter so I did and he carried it around half a day and then left it at Mrs Wilsons and had to go back for it Marilyn get cuter every day She is cutting teeth now and isnt real well but not bad only fretfull Henrietta says

I am anxious for Ada and Harry to get back They have been gone four weeks now It has rained the last week so it put back the threshing a

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Henrietta and I just talked over about yours and Ardies visit and we said it seems as tho you hadnt been here it was such a short stay

Billy Miles are coming up soon Ed Ss told Henrietta

Nellie I had a letter from Eva and she said a funny thing happened Her little Dixetta bird tore up the paper in her cage and laid two eggs I never heard any sweeter than it was and it sang all the time during Annas funeral Just a sweet soft tone not at all harsh It was in the kitchen

Alice arnt you and Chrissie coming down before cold weather Guess I am not going to get up there this year and I did want so to come We would like so much to have gone when we went to Sp Valley but couldnt Harry wanted to and we thot at first we could but business matters were so we could not leave long enough We will try it again sometime Now you must both write to me I think so often of you


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